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The original Australian LFP rack battery manufacturer

Australian designed, engineered & supported.

Bringing all the important build elements together

In-house engineering, design, electronics & software development are entrenched in our DNA

Our LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) rack batteries-
are warranted for a decade & built to provide peak performance under a harsh Australian environment.

The build
Module size and energy density is a balance between a space efficient installation, reduced weight providing safe manual handling and achieving higher levels of BESS redundancy.
In terms of backwards compatibility, you will not be forgotten.

Each genZ battery module has a built-in Battery Management System-
for safety, reliability and longevity. In the case of an anomaly, the BMS will react to protect the equipment, automatically resetting once the condition clears.

genZ self-managed BMS-
doesn't rely on a communication layer between each battery thus further improving bank redundancy.


Cylindrical the best CELLection

Cylindrical the best CELLection

LiFePO4 / LFP- (Lithium-ion Ferro Phosphate)

High Capacity-
3200mAh to 4000mAh

Unrivalled Capacity Retention-
80%remaining @ End of warranted life (Year 10)

Cylindrical Cell Format-
provides twice the warranted capacity retention holding rates, over cheaper more widely adopted Prismatic Cells


Outperforms in High Temps

Value Proposition

Safe Chemistry

Battery Management system


BMS protections & functionality

        • Short Circuit

        • Over / under voltage

        • Over / Under temperature

        • Reverse polarity

        • Over discharge / Over charge

        • Cell balancing


Choose Your Sector

Residential Storage

Agricultural - Commercial

Mission Critical - Industrial

Why genZ for your next project

ISO Accreditations

More than 50% lighter than lead acid batteries


Battery Management System built in for safety

Full product Range

Longer life with increased charge cycles

Australian designed and engineered

        Zero emissions and rated to 55°C operating temperature

Strong return on investment