About Us

genZ Energy is an Australian company formed with the specific intent of creating cost effective, safe Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries and energy storage solutions that perform reliably in the extreme conditions of the Australian outback. After several years of design and product refinement, genZ developed rack mount 2kWh and 3kWh battery modules for industrial and home energy applications.  genZ Energy is now a leading and respected brand within Australia.

Following comprehensive investigation by engineers around the world, the Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry has been identified as the most suitable to meet requirements of applications where the safety benefits of the chemistry are paramount.

Initially developed in 1996, the LFP chemistry used in a number of applications globally has a successful and well documented history.

There are now many thousands of genZ LFP batteries in use across Australia with the likes of federal and state government departments, state police forces, as well as off- grid and hybrid home energy storage solutions.

genZ recognises the importance of continually reviewing and improving products by taking on feedback from those supplying, fitting and using their products as well as from manufacturers of chargers, inverters and solar controllers that connect to genZ batteries.

genZ maintains close relationships with their LFP cell manufacturer and suppliers of the other components in genZ batteries. This continual process of improvement is achieved by stringent and regular Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) visits to manufacturing facilities. In addition, genZ is committed to ensuring that all suppliers meet and exceed all applicable health, safety and environmental requirements.

GenZ is an active member of the Smart Energy Council and maintains certification on the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved batteries; regularly reviewing Australian Standards and guidelines to ensure compliance.

Through the Australia-Pacific region and beyond, wherever requirements exist for a reliable, safe and long-lived product, and for high performance in a demanding environment, genZ LFP batteries are the smart move.

genZ Energy: a video introduction