Marine Market

Reliability, safety and a long life are all key requirements when selecting a marine battery. With the genZ range of Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries you can now combine those key requirements with light weight! So good are genZ batteries at meeting those strict requirements, they have been used by the military on a number of marine vessels.

Reliability: even if the genZ battery is discharged to 100%, once there is charge current from your boatÔÇÖs solar, wind or main engine, the battery will recover and start to charge. Leaving your boat moored for long periods with the battery disconnected? Unlike regular lead acid batteries, the genZ range of LFP batteries will only lose 14% of its charge over 12 months. Compare that with 50% loss of charge over the same period of time for a lead acid.

Safety: the genZ chemistry is VERY different from the more common Lithium Ion (not to be confused with ÔÇÿironÔÇÖ) battery that uses Lithium Cobalt Oxide. It is the Lithium Cobalt Oxide batteries that are much more volatile and can suffer from thermal runaway causing fire or explosion. genZ batteries use the LFP chemistry and are intrinsically non-combustible and hence vastly safer than Lithium Cobalt Oxide. Even traditional lead acid batteries produce highly explosive hydrogen gas and have been known to explode causing damage from the acid released and fatalities in some cases. It should be noted that hydrogen is a colourless, tasteless, odourless gas meaning you may have no warning of a dangerous situation. This is a particular danger for the marine industry where ventilation is often restricted to maintain a good watertight seal. The genZ LFP range of batteries DO NOT produce this deadly hydrogen gas!

In addition to their inherent chemical safety, genZ batteries are fitted with an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that provides an added layer of protection for you and your system, to which it is connected.

Long life: you have already invested a great deal into your boat, so go the extra step and avoid the problems that you would have already experienced with traditional lead acid batteries. A lead acid battery (even deep cycle) is generally expected to last for 500 to 1000 cycles. In contrast, a genZ LFP battery is expected to deliver 5000 cycles at 65% depth of discharge (DoD) with a residual capacity of no less than 80%!

Weight: take for example a typical 12V 100Ah plastic cased (like a car) battery that is lead acid which will weigh in excess of 31kg. Compare that with our genZ 12V 100Ah battery that weighs in at 14kg!

Capacity: with a lead acid battery, you are advised to use just 30-50% of its rated capacity. In other words, if you have a 100Ah lead acid battery, you should really only use a maximum of 50AhÔÇÖs. This can be thought of as having a 100 litre fuel tank in your car and being told you are only allowed to use 50 litres of the 100 litres! With the genZ LFP battery, if it is rated at 100Ah, you can use 90AhÔÇÖs or even the full 100Ah.